Italy Summer 2002

Unable to find any sensible flights for a trip down Italy way, we elected to buy a couple of InterRail passes.

This made for a much more interesting - if somewhat more tiring - journey.

We started in Nice, travelled from there to Lucca and then to Sorrento.

We came back on the overnight train from Naples to Paris, before returning home.

Here are a few of the pictures.

Viv eating something bigger than his head in Nice.

Emma is startled by the emptiness of her wineglass in Nice.

Relief floods over her as she sees the bottle is still pretty full.

Somewhere nice in Nice.

It was just there... Lucca.

On the train to Pisa.

The view from the hotel room in Sorrento.

A local speciality - good for all known diseases.

That's me. Somewhere.

Caruso - a verrrry nice restaurant in Sorrento. Bubbles?

Pompeii. It will be nice when it is finished.

Lunch here at the Gare du Nord before coming home.

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